IECON, Phoenix – USA 2010


Phoenix is a legendary bird that rises from its ashes.Perhaps the name for this city arises from the fact that 700-1400 A.D the areas around the city were occupied by a prosperous American Indian tribe but due to sever droughts and floods, civilization collapsed in that area. So like a Phoenix being reborn from its own ashes, the town came back to live around 1868.

This was my first international conference and one of my mistakes was getting a hotel that was several kilometers away from the conference venue. Initially I thought that the public transport in Phoenix would be similar to that of Japan but this wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t call the public transport bad, I could take a bus just about anywhere in the city but it was really slow since the bus makes so many stops.

Next time I should enjoy the American life style by doing something similar to what one of my friends did, rent a muscle car and drive around in style 🙂


One of the best things to see near Phoenix is the Grand Canyon. It will take a couple hours by car(me and some friends made a deal with a taxi driver) but its definitely worth it.

On the way there you should probably go through Sedona its got some beautiful mountains.

















Here is a picture of me at the Canyon, it was a awesome sight. It was surprisingly cold there but not too bad. One can travel down to the bottom in a hour or so, but by the time we arrived it was already near sunset so we didnt have time to climb down.














Here is a funny little bugger I picked up in one of the shops at Sedona, Its called a “Jackalope”. Preatty cool huh ?

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